DEVCHAT is dead, long live DEVCHAT!

A group of creatives came together as DEVCHAT for the “Ghost Wheel?” jam and had loads of fun, but we’ve decided that a public face was just not for us. The idea of our unique voices and perspectives being crammed under one moniker was the opposite of what we set out to achieve. We’re just internet friends who hang out and make games and we want you to know that you can do it to.

Make your own DEVCHAT! Invite your friends over for pizza and a game jam or better yet, look for people outside your immediate social circle and get to know one another. Use the #indieteamup hashtag or the upcoming
or any number of the great social platforms out there. You don’t need to call it DEVCHAT either. Hell, you don’t even need a name!

We’re not going to tell you how to run your group, but there’s a few things we’d recommend for the benefit of all. Be as inclusive as you can. Keep the atmosphere friendly. Don’t limit or derail discussion. Respect the wishes of others. Don’t discriminate based on race, gender, sexual preference, age, background or skill level. Remember, creativity and passion is universal.

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